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  1. RSteve

    What's Your Normal Wake-Up and Start the Day Time?

    I just spoke for a while with my buddy who is a retired Army Command Sergeant Major. It's about 9:30 PM CST and he said he's late for bed. "What time do you usually get up?" "Between 3:15 and 3:45" "Why in the hell do you get up so early?" "I spent 27 years in the Army. My days started early...
  2. RSteve

    How custom fur felt hats are satisfyingly made

  3. RSteve

    Very Sad Today

    One of my closest friends confirmed a suspicion I've had for several months. We've been friends for 65 years, since we raced against each other in Jr. H.S. track meets. He's a Ph.D. retired college professor, university dean. We are both Vietnam Veterans, one week apart in age. Lately, his...
  4. RSteve

    Minnesota's Covid Surge Hidester Proxy - Fast & Free Anonymous Web Proxy Minnesota hospitals are nearing capacity as a Covid virus surge batters the state Oct. 13, 2021 Intensive care units are nearing capacity and health care...
  5. RSteve

    Jon Gruden

    I have seen none of the emails attributed to Jon Gruden. What I have read that he wrote in the emails gave Raiders' ownership no choice but to fire him as coach. In light of this, I have this question: When sending someone an email, is there no expectation of privacy of that correspondence?
  6. RSteve

    5.9% Raise

    The Social Security cost-of-living adjustment will be 5.9% in 2022. The Social Security cost-of-living adjustment will be 5.9% in 2022, the Social Security Administration announced on Wednesday. The 5.9% COLA will be the biggest boost to Social Security beneficiaries’ checks in about 40 years...
  7. RSteve

    Humans used tobacco 12,300 years ago, new discovery suggests

    Four charred tobacco plant seeds found in an ancient Utah fireplace suggest early Americans may have been using the plant 12,300 years ago.
  8. RSteve

    Saw A Guy Today Whose Funeral I Attended

    I've known the guy for sixty plus years. I actually thought he'd been killed several years ago. He went rogue and began publishing a blog that was very critical of the wrong people; the kind of people who will get you silenced. Foolishly, he obviously thought the nom de plume and proxy servers...
  9. RSteve

    You Wouldn't Want to Live in My City

    One killed, 14 wounded in shooting inside a St. Paul bar early Sunday morning One woman is dead and another 14 people were wounded in an early morning shootout at a St. Paul bar. Shortly after midnight on Sunday, police said people began "frantically" calling 911 and begging for help. Police...
  10. RSteve

    Gotta Go Feed Two Cats

    Both of my daughters are out of town, yesterday through Sunday. Both have cats. My older daughter's cat is 14 years old and nasty; younger daughter's cat is two years old and very friendly. My job is two check on both. Is the old one still alive and has younger one torn up some furniture?
  11. RSteve

    Serious Question For Coffee Aficionados

    I always have some quality Lavazza decaf on hand but rarely drink decaf. The last two nights, however, instead of having a cocktail with my last bowl of the day, before going to bed, I've made myself a decaf espresso of about 4 oz. to have with my smoke. For two consecutive nights, I've awakened...
  12. RSteve

    In Search of a Proven Recipe for Breakfast Sausage

    In my freezer, hiding, was a 5 lb. sirloin tip roast. I wanted a burger. So, I trimmed out the very lean roast and ground it. The burger lacked fat and was very dry and tasteless. Very predictable. I also had a couple of pounds of very fat, skinless, boneless chicken thighs in my freezer. I...
  13. RSteve

    It's A Great Time To Be A Skilled Tradesman

    My regular plumber has been quite ill and unable to work. He's 74 and says he has no intention of retiring. I spoke with him yesterday. He'd just gotten out of the hospital, where in his words, "Steve, I could feel myself dying. My liver and kidneys had shut down." "Jack, maybe it's time to...
  14. RSteve

    Could Be Called Garbage Soup

    When I was a small child, living in a duplex with my maternal grandmother in the unit above, the entire house always smelled of some kind of soup cooking. No matter what she was planning on cooking, all the meat and vegetable trimmings with lots of herbs and spices went into the soup pot and it...
  15. RSteve

    Hearth and Home 14 oz. Tins

    I opened a basement cabinet and there are several unopened and sound asleep. Does anyone remember when Pipes and Cigars went mostly to bulk or small tins for the Hearth and Home tobaccos? I have no idea how long they could have been hiding.
  16. RSteve

    My Chromebook Bonehead Move

    My most frequently used computer is a Lenovo i3 Chromebook.I bought it in 2016, but it gets OS renewals until June, 2023. It has a 12.6" screen. I wanted something larger for movie and TV watching, so I bought an Acer Chromebook 15, with about a 15" inch screen on Cyber Monday, 2020. Today, I...
  17. RSteve

    Day Care Duty Today

    Late last night younger daughter sends me a text. "Got a problem, Dad. I just realized that tomorrow, there's no school or daycare. It's an in-service day. Are you able to watch the kids?" The two year old goes to daycare also run by the school system. Fortunately, my older daughter was...
  18. RSteve

    The English Blend With Some Cherry Aromatic

    Sunday, October 3, 20121 I decided that this experiment deserves its own thread. 9/26/2021 After reading about various BoBs choices of cherry aromatics, I thought I might try creating an English blend with a touch of cherry. I'm debating with myself how much nicotiana rustica to add of the 4...
  19. RSteve

    Why Are There No Match Blends for Esoterica ?

    When it appeared that there would be no continuation of Dunhill blends, Sutliff aggressively began their "Match" program. Even though Peterson now produces and markets many of the former Dunhill blends, Sutliff has continued to produce Match. I wonder why Sutliff hasn't begun an Esoterica Match...
  20. RSteve

    Loss of Consortium

    Last week I received notice that one of my H.S. classmates died suddenly. I read the obituary and there was no cause of death. Today, the classmate who maintains our reunion website posted the specifics. She was in a department store, going down the escalator when it stopped abruptly. She fell...