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  1. PipeLeisure

    Its Been A While!

    Hello guys and girls, its been a while since I have contributed to this wonderful forum and I apologize for that, you know how it goes...sometimes life events get in the way and things change a little (nothing bad). I have still been loving my pipes tobaccos and cigars, that has never changed. I...
  2. PipeLeisure

    L.J. Peretti No. 432

    I have heard so many great reviews about this blend that I just had to call them and order an 8oz tin, I haven't tried it yet but let me tell you....I CANT WAIT. Has anyone tried it? Here is the description from the web site---> Our most popular Cavendish. A combination of fire-cured Cavendish...
  3. PipeLeisure

    Just got this up and running in my man cave

    Nothing like having a nice pipe while sitting in here.
  4. PipeLeisure

    How Old Is To Old?

    I have an opportunity to pick up a sealed tin of 1996 Christmas Cheer but Im not sure if its already started "declining". I just popped a tin of 2002 last week and it was great and probably could have stayed sealed for another 3-5 years longer without a problem, maybe even longer if stored...
  5. PipeLeisure

    My First Soren

    Thanks to Marc "Pipescratch" from YouTube for selling me one of his brand new Soren pipes. I have been looking for a jumbo poker nosewarmer for years now and I finally found one that I fell in love with. Thanks again Marc. Here is Marc's video... <iframe width="560" height="315"...
  6. PipeLeisure

    Picked up this LLOYDS Rock Root off ebay

    New pipe was delivered last week and Im just posting a pic now...YA YA I KNOW...Im late :roll: Picked up this LLOYDS Rock Root 8452, also has a CENTURY OLD BRIAR ITALY stamped on it. I just fell in love with this estate pipe and I only paid like $14 bucks for it...good deal I would say. I...
  7. PipeLeisure

    Pipes and Tobaccos magazine

    Just renewed my subscription, who else gets this magazine and what do you think of it. Myself personally I just love it, I am missing only a few of there entire collection.
  8. PipeLeisure

    A wonderful gift of Penzance

    I received a wonderful gift of Penzance from one of our BoBs (Lasath) Dennis was very generous enough to send me a sealed tin and 2oz baggie of the same blend to compare, Dennis also sent me a sample of GLP Quiet Nights (Ripe red Virginias, fine orientals, smoky Cyprus Latakia, and a pinch of...
  9. PipeLeisure

    Turkey Day Pipe

    Turkey Day is finally here and I just wanted to wish everyone and there family's a happy thanksgiving. Its a day of great food, wine, football, family, and of course...great pipes. Just wondering what you guys have planned for your turkey day pipe? before turkey? after turkey? what tobacco? what...
  10. PipeLeisure

    Has anyone tried this Virgina Flake?

    I just found a tin of this 2004 Astleys No.109 in my collection that I completely forgot about and she smokes like a dream, has anyone tried this Virgina?
  11. PipeLeisure

    My Pipe Cabinet

    I have seen lots of pictures of pipe racks, cabinets, and collections so I figured I post some pictures of my collection for your viewing pleasure :lol!:
  12. PipeLeisure

    2008 Ardor Fantasy Christmas pipe

    Well it seems I'm on a roll with winning Ardors on Ebay, I just scored this 2008 Fantasy Christmas pipe and I'm super excited because I have always wanted a Ardor Christmas pipe for my collection. The pipe is a little dirty but in almost new condition...looks like it was sitting on a dusty...
  13. PipeLeisure

    Finally after all these years comes Ardor

    Well guys I am so excited to announce that I finally have a Ardor on the way. I have been looking for just the right piece for years now but could never seem to get what I was looking for...for the right price. I cant even tell you the number of times I have bid on Ardors on eBay but always get...
  14. PipeLeisure

    911 Ten Years

    Just remembering all the died on that horrific day...WE WILL NEVER FORGET...GOD BLESS AMERICA
  15. PipeLeisure

    40 year old pipe tobacco

    My cousin who is also my pipe smoking buddy gave me a tin of his dads pipe tobacco Flying Dutchman (who remembers this pipe tobacco?) I know I don't...LOL. When I opened up the tin for the first time I was very disappointed, the tobacco was all dried out, stuck together and hard as a rock. I...
  16. PipeLeisure

    Shark Fishing

    Hello Chaps, I am so excited right now that I just needed to start a thread about it...I will be going on my first shark fishing charter this coming sunday. I will try to take some pictures to post here on the thread.
  17. PipeLeisure

    Lets Talk Boswell

    Hello chaps, I would like to start a thread for all Boswell lovers, let this be place to post pictures of your Boswell pipes or even just a picture of yourself smoking your Boswell, we can even talk about and review boswell pipe tobacco. I will start by posting a few of my Boswells, first is a...
  18. PipeLeisure

    Favorite Captain Black blend

    I don't really smoke that much Captain Black anymore but will always have a place in my heart for the Gold, it was the first pipe tobacco I ever tried and really liked it. I then went on to trying the blue (Royal), then the White (vanilla), then the Red (Cherry). The funny thing is that's the...
  19. PipeLeisure

    Sitting on the back deck

    Just finished cleaning the yard up after hurricane Irene made a huge mess of it :cry: Now I'm sitting on the back deck for some relaxation time with a bowl of Boswells Chocolate Cream and a glass of wine, this is such a smooth mellow smoke with a great room note...don't think you could get...
  20. PipeLeisure

    Feels good to be back in the forums

    Hello gents and gals, My name is Derek I am from Dartmouth Massachusetts and I'm 34 years old. Its been a long time since I have been around the pipe forums...I was a really big contributor to an older pipe forum called Stokers Haven...maybe some of you old timers are here now?? Stokers Haven...