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  1. Jevverrett

    Popped into Boston’s famous L.J. Peretti today!

    And I managed to leave with my shirt, lol. Quarter pounds of two new favorites: century, a proper stout Latakia which I couldn’t leave without. And D-7485, a va/bur with orientals and a dash of Latakia. Also, a pocket sized shop pipe that was a steal. Fantastic shopping experience in there...
  2. Jevverrett

    Brigham POTY 2021

    Just picked this up as a birthday present for myself. Not terribly easy to lay hands on. This is the second year of the Scottish theme and is the Highlander, with flannel sock, whisky tube case, and highland warrior tamper. Some beautiful flame grain on this pipe.
  3. Jevverrett

    Anybody here a Brigham man?

    I recently started listening to the pipes magazine radio show. The fella Brian Levine that hosts it is/was the big dog for Brigham pipe sales in the u.s. I know it’s his job, but talked them up a bit one episode. I watched a trunk show presentation he did on them in Florida too on the YouTube...
  4. Jevverrett

    Acetone for Lakeland ghost removal?

    I’m doing some looking into trying successfully remove Lakeland ghost. I’m particularly sensitive to it, as it makes the corner of my mouth and tongue burn like a chemical irritant. I saw on some other forums people have talked about soaking a pipe in acetone and then drying, by lighting the...
  5. Jevverrett

    Just a quick rave

    I recently did some business by phone with a company up in the great frozen north called victory cigars. They went above and beyond to get me what I was looking for, which was not an easy item to lay hands on. The customer service was outstanding by any metric. Friendly, knowledgeable and went...
  6. Jevverrett

    Massive pipe tobacco and cigar tax increases

    Im not sure where this ought to be posted anymore, and hope it doesn’t end up in the rubber room. It’s political, but I believe we like minded brethren will come together on this. Im sure you are all aware of the upcoming $3.5 trillion human infrastructure spending bill being kicked around in...
  7. Jevverrett

    4th generation pipes

    I got an email about these on sale, plus a free lighter. I was looking for two new pipes for sitting in my chair style smoking. I picked up a savinelli 316, which is working out well enough. I was wondering if anybody had one from these lines? I’m looking at the Argang line specifically.
  8. Jevverrett


    Been awhile since I had decided to go off grid a bit, and got an update email from the site today. Decided to pop in for a look about. Nice to see all is well, and all the usual suspects are still here. Place got a nice face lift, and my pic is now sideways lol. Life has been very busy, but I’m...
  9. Jevverrett

    Old Mora knife find

    I found this in a box of old tools the other day on my trash route. Got it cleaned up a bit, and worked a few knicks out of the blade. It appeared to be pretty well loved, but the old guy who was my customer died. So his kids are chucking out his “junk” tools and such. It’s an old K.J Ericsson...
  10. Jevverrett

    New knife

    I recently decided to go in a new direction for my edc knife. I changed from a Swiss army to a fixed blade. After some research and deliberation into makers and the laws of my state, I pulled the trigger. I went with the Bark River Bravo necker 2. 3.5 inch blade with a 3 inch cutting edge...
  11. Jevverrett

    Bushcraft saws

    I’ve recently been researching bushcraft saws. I’ve always just used a bow saw, but apparently folding saws have come a long way. And lately I’ve been wanting something more compact. I try to keep to the three (main) tool rule. So, I settled into a TBS boar for a knife, which I’ve come to love...
  12. Jevverrett

    New truck

    <img src="" alt="New truck 02678410"/> I picked up this truck yesterday. First new vehicle I’ve ever owned, so I figured that counts as a life event. It’s a 2019 Ford F-150 stx (southern Texas?). It has more going on than I understand lol. I...
  13. Jevverrett

    End of an era (sad news)

    <img src="" alt="End of an era (sad news) Fc2a9c10"/> I felt like having a few beers and some pizza this evening with my wife. I ran into the packy to get some of the one and only Newcastle brown ale. Lovingly referred to as “the brown”. I was...
  14. Jevverrett

    It’s back!

    I just noticed, so maybe it’s old news. Peterson tins are back though. And sold out in most places. And some have new names. My personal favorite, Irish oak, is now called Irish cask. Anyway, this made me happy today.
  15. Jevverrett

    Memorial Day thoughts

    Hope all you guys have a great day tomorrow. Remembering the fallen heroes of our nation is important. Try and take a moment to do so tomorrow amidst the barbecue and brewskis. Our country’s longstanding fight against tyranny and evil in this world is part of what makes our nation the greatest...
  16. Jevverrett

    Happy Easter

    Hope everyone has a great day today. We have church, and then family gatherings planned. Followed by much ham lol.
  17. Jevverrett

    An issue of gifted cigars

    I was gifted some cigars not long ago. I laid them away carefully in my humidor and pulled one here and there for sampling. Some of them are wonderfully strong and flavorful, and I appreciate the gifts greatly. If I really enjoy one, I’ll look it up. Not very easy, as some don’t have much to go...
  18. Jevverrett


    There seems to be a shortage of the beef flavored ramen here in ct. No e of the stores in my area have anything but the chicken. This has been going on for months now. Anybody else have this experience?
  19. Jevverrett

    Peterson tobacco?

    Just went to try and re up my Irish oak stash. I got on the chat function on Smokingpipes and got this response: Chris Panos 19:26 Peterson tobaccos are all being blended by STG now (they were made by STG and Mac Baren), it the had to shut down production for a couple months to accommodate the...
  20. Jevverrett

    Compact vs full size

    My wife recently got her permit, and a friend had told her she would be best served by getting a compact 9mm. From my personal experience, I told her they were unwieldy yet functional. As in, harder to keep on target, but still puts lead in the general area. She’s thinking more about...