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  1. WTHall

    Last of The Cellar - Was "Selling The Cellar"

    A Brother asked me to refresh the list of blends I've got left prior to my move to a 'non-smoking' facility. Again, Prefer PayPal, but will accept cash, money orders or personal checks. I’ll price out the shipping depending on how much weight is bought. Shipping is added on to these prices and...
  2. WTHall

    Pipe Books For Sale

    Not nearly enough room in our senior apartment for much of my library. Sad to sell Hacker's "Ultimate Pipe Book," and Newcombe's "In Search of Pipe Dreams." Both in very good condition. The Hacker book is signed. Looking for $55 for both, with free shipping. Prefer PayPal, but will take check or...
  3. WTHall

    Selling of The Cellar

    Another case of “Doctor’s Orders,” coupled with a move to a smokeless facility. I’ve never done this before (it is/was my cellar) So…. All of these have been stored in a large mason jars and are in perfect shape, however, some may require humidification. They’re currently in heavy duty...