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  1. Carlos

    Serious Question For Coffee Aficionados

    Coffee has some qualities of a laxative.
  2. Carlos

    Broken Pipe - Frank Burla

    Good article. A Giant Passes: Frank Burla
  3. Carlos

    Broken Pipe - Frank Burla

    If you attended shows, you may have met Frank. Almost certainly at the Chicago Show. " To all CPCC members, Please be aware that Frank Burla passed away this morning. He was suffering from multiple ailments, amongst them stage 4 cancer. He had recently spent some time in the hospital and was...
  4. Carlos

    Speaking of cobs..............

    ...........seems to be some new ones at Smoking Pipes. Limited supply etc. Just passing the info on. All I can do to keep from ordering one of those Kingston Judge pipes.
  5. Carlos

    Hot Dogs

    Natural casing hot dogs. We have discovered that 5-6 min at 390F in the air fryer makes them outstanding.
  6. Carlos

    The Booster

    A week or so for me.
  7. Carlos

    Be Aware!

    Angie posted on another forum about a scenario where a user posted looking for an item. Then got a PM from a new user saying that he just got an email from a friend that has what they are looking for. At a really good price. Nothing shows, the money is gone, as is the new user who PMed about...
  8. Carlos

    Coffee pot ?

    I am a mix. My Chemex stays quite clean. My coffee cup is usually cleaned when the cleaning lady comes. Otherwise, I just use it. When I worked in the food service industry, we cleaned pots with crushed ice, Ajax, and little water every night at closing. It all works.
  9. Carlos

    Hot Sauce

    Crystal, Franks's, Louisiana, are all good sauces for fried fish etc. When one is craving that vinegar type of taste. I order two hot sauces by the case. The Pepper Plant, California Style sauce which comes in bottles larger than those little bitty 10 oz things that seem to be so popular...
  10. Carlos

    New member selling dad's pipe tobacco

    I cannot fault Hermit's advice. Pipestud is first class. We do have a Trading Post. Blackhorse watches the Trading Post forum and looks out for the For Sale posts in the wrong place. I suspect he will be along shortly to advise you. Please everyone, welcome bigdog660 to the BoB forum, but...
  11. Carlos

    Are All Covid Threads Going To The Rubber Room Automatically?

    We do occasionally delete a post, when it is warranted. We do what is easy. And normally do not waste any time explaining the "why" of it. Moving threads seems to reduce the number of users crashing and burning.
  12. Carlos

    I Really Don't Understand Women 2021

    Yes, but that can turn women off pretty quick. Sometimes a woman needs to lead. Let her tell you what she wants.
  13. Carlos

    I Really Don't Understand Women 2021

    Sounds like she just wants to chat. Have a laugh. Keep the brains cells active. Just be interesting and entertaining friends who speak near the same language.
  14. Carlos

    R.I.P Charlie Watts

    He had a surgery. Apparently that went well. But things happen. I didn't realize he was 80.
  15. Carlos

    R.I.P Charlie Watts

    Our idols are sure dying off quick.
  16. Carlos

    Panama Hats

    I want one. Different shape. I am in the monthly drawing. But I need to just spend the dollars and get one. What I really need is a place to hang my hats at the ready.
  17. Carlos

    cool stuff you want just because

    Okay. Now what's on my radar that's a cool thing. Beside the un-obtainium like Bracken Flake? Well, I am only going to mention that there is a Shutzen rifle that I want to get my hands on again. Anything else and any more details on anything that is on my radar will only make them more...
  18. Carlos

    cool stuff you want just because

    This is my travel bag. I also have a medium briefcase by these folks.
  19. Carlos

    Plantation Original Dark Rum

    How is it on a rock?