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  1. IHT


    Wife and I just started 4 yrs ago... 2014 Jayco 33.5 rkts, 5th wheel.
  2. IHT

    Binge-worthy TV shows?

    I ask because my wife and I like to binge tv shows at night when we are out camping (have a 5th wheel). We've watched a good # of shows lately. List of shows we've watched/finished: We have recently watched: Game of Thrones Lost Downton Abbey Sons of Anarchy Blacklist Elementary Sherlock...
  3. IHT

    WTT: Davidoff Danish Mixture (2008) for Lakelands

    Posted this on a FB group and got 0 interest. Background: at the KC pipe show in 2008, i won this sleeve of 5 tins of Davidoff Danish Mixture. It has sat in my closet since then. I don't believe this is a blend for me. Looking for GH&Co Lakeland scented flakes, like Bosun Cut Plug or...
  4. IHT

    Bari Ruby Bent Brandy (8001)

    Ebay steal. Was already watching this and the seller dropped the price and buy it now at $29! So, came in the mail today. Maiden smoke while grillin/sm9kin some chicken boobs. Tobacco? Unknown. Why? Found this ziploc tub in my closet that had been there a decade. Not a mason jar, a...
  5. IHT

    RC Sands "Knarled Blasted Bent Apple"

    After realizing I wanted another "new" pipe (i had just bought 2 Morgan "Bones" pipes), i figured i'd spy the estates on ebay (where i've had luck in the past). I watched, and waited. I spotted some things that caught my eye, known makers and shapes i like. then i saw this one. i had to do...
  6. IHT

    Hope They Don't Suck....

    i've got a business trip on friday that lasts until the 9th of April. in conjunction with packing my pipes and choosing tobacco, i'm going to do the "estimating how much you smoke" experiment that was discussed earlier. so, i chose 2 tobaccos to take with me, just so happens i've never had...
  7. IHT

    IHTs cellar

    and i have an "online cellar" as well, which needs a slight update, too. here's a photo taken back in early Oct. it's changed some since then, gifts going out and coming in (and standard smoking). the stack to the left of the Rattrays are...
  8. IHT

    hello, standard newb intro

    complete with all the keywords new members use in the intro. hello, my name is greg. "IHT" stands for Im-Ho-Tep, the mummy, as i was a big classic horror movie fan. :farao: been smoking pipes off and on since the late 90s, then went to cigars from about '01 to '05 when i switched back to...