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  1. idbowman

    NASPC Show

    Anyone headed to the NASPC pipe show in Columbus, OH this weekend? I'll be there all day Saturday, hopefully for most the evening Friday as well. If you're around, let me know - it'd be great to sit and have a bowl!
  2. idbowman

    It had to happen eventually

    My wife has wanted to move for four or five years now. As a teacher, her position was never perfectly stable - RIFs are all the rage around here, and as soon as you land in a new district you're right back at the bottom of the seniority ladder, and the cycle repeats. So I've been pretty...
  3. idbowman

    RIP Sir Roger Moore

    And so goes a legend. Every fall, I rewatch the entire James Bond canon, and have read all of the books several times over.  Needless to say, I'm a huge fan of all things Bond. He was a fine actor, brought a new twist to the iconic role, and by most accounts was a damn fine, upstanding, decent...
  4. idbowman

    Anyone else having trouble accessing I haven't been able to get in for two days...and if I have to build a spreadsheet (halfway) from scratch, I'm probably going to weep openly.
  5. idbowman

    This community never ceases to amaze

    I thought I'd posted this before, but it looks like I hadn't. Anyone who has been on this (or other) forums, knows how generous pipe folk can be. Here's another story to add to the list: About a month and half ago, I was contacted by a very nice gentleman (who shall remain nameless). He'd...
  6. idbowman


    Trivial, and amusing...but karma is a nasty lady and she's punched me square in the face. My wife isn't exactly technologically savvy. My mother-in-law is technologically comatose. I've been training people on our database system at work all week, and spent the last half-hour having a good...
  7. idbowman

    Organization Question

    For this with cellars that they'very built up over time: how do you keep your stash organized? I've been organizing based on blender or theme (theme meaning, for example, all of the Christmas Cheers, Pipe Club Blends, show blends, etc that I bought an extra tin of solely to keep as part of a...
  8. idbowman

    New Artisan Snuff

    I'm not saying it completely fills in the gaping chasm left by the passing of Chef Daniel and Old Mill Snuff, but there's a new American Artisan snuff maker that comes really, really close. I've tried all three of the initial batches, and they are all absolutely fantastic. Tins are artisan, so...
  9. idbowman

    Yo, DrT

    I was logging into tobaccocellar, and the social feed at the top said you'd just added some of the War Horse Bar to your cellar. Have you smoked any of it yet? I was considering grabbing some but I'm totally on the fence. It seems like our tastes are often pretty similar, thought I'd see if...
  10. idbowman

    Has Viking Dark changed?

    So, I'm pretty loaded up on Viking Dark, but a friend of mine in Denmark said he just received an order and it's not the same snuff. He sent a few of us in the states some samples, and sure enough it's different. It's still dark, but a bit sweet and minty. Not a full-on mint snuff like Viking...
  11. idbowman

    Important Info - Please Read

    We're all familiar with the FDA regs and their impact on pipe tobacco.  For those of you who are only casual snuffers and don't follow snuff news or participate in online snuff groups, you should be aware that EU trade regs have passed similar efforts that will impact nasal snuff. Many snuff...
  12. idbowman

    Toque Cheese and Bacon

    So I tossed a tin of this in my last order, figuring I'd give it a shot. I've heard some people say it's a gimmick and not very good, others saying it's actually a nice snuff. I finally got around to trying it out and it's actually not bad...don't be put off by "cheese" in the name, it's...
  13. idbowman

    Chef Daniel Richards has passed away

    I found out yesterday from another board that Chef Richards, the man behind Old Mill Snuff unexpectedly passed away on Sunday. His products had an excellent reputation and were top notch, but if anyone ever had the chance to talk with him (even if was through email), you know just how big of a...
  14. idbowman

    Wish me luck!

    Given the medical procedures many of our members have posted on here, elective surgery probably doesn't really rate, but I thought I'd post all the same. I'm headed in for LASIK corrective eye surgery tomorrow, and thought I'd mention it (no nerves or anything at this point, but that probably...
  15. idbowman


    Apparently, former House Speaker John Boehner has joined the board of Reynolds American. I don't what, if anything, this would mean...but with "Big Tobacco" helping drive the new FDA regs, that's a pretty heavy hitter (regardless of what you think of his politics, he's pretty connected) to add...
  16. idbowman

    I don't know when to stop

    A few years ago, when I had about 20# of tobacco to my name, I set the goal of having and maintaining a 40# cellar. Earlier this summer, I hit that number and am now around 42.5#. So I feel like I'm pretty well set, as long as I essentially replace the weight of what I smoke with new stock for...
  17. idbowman

    Kicked out of the office

    I got kicked out of work today...well, I mean we ALL got kicked out of work today. Apparently there's something funky with the electrical and they've decided it was prudent to evacuate for the day until they get it fixed. Bad news: I'm paid on salary and can VPN into some of the company's...
  18. idbowman

    Another Legend Passes

    Hockey legend, Gordie Howe has passed away.
  19. idbowman

    Louisville, KY

    My wife and I will be taking a little getaway trip next week to Louisville, KY, Cincinnati, OH and Columbus, OH. I've got Cincy and Columbus covered - I know them both well. Any good tobacco shops I need to visit while in Louisville? I'll have plenty of stuff with me, so I don't need an...
  20. idbowman

    I just can't quit this place

    I've been around for about 4 and a half years...longer than some, not nearly as long as others. Lately I haven't been around too much - nothing major, just the usual stuff that gets in the way (work, busy at home, other hobbies popping up and not spending as much time with pipes as usual...