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 Back in the Game!

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Age : 39
Location : Bel Air, MD
Registration date : 2010-02-19

Back in the Game! Empty
PostSubject: Back in the Game!   Back in the Game! EmptyThu Feb 10, 2011 1:42 pm

Hey guys,
My Internet has been down for the last couple months and I just wanted to say hello to everyone and that my PC is up and running again. Looks like a lot has changed in my absence. First of all, I was so sad to hear of the passing of pipetongue! He was a wonderful person and steered me in the right direction when I was first getting into Burley tobaccos. I will smoke some Somerset Slices in your honor. Rest in peace friend and I hope Mark Twain, Einstein, Monk, Coltrane, and all the other famous pipe guys had a nice bowl of well aged pipe tobacco waiting for you! As far as my pipe smoking has gone, i have been getting into a lot of great Gawith&Hogarth blends as of late. Their Dark Bird's Eye and Balkan Mixture have found a home in my rotation! With my 30th birthday coming up in March, I will be reflecting on my short but sweet pipe smoking history while cracking some 35 year old Sobranie that I have been saving for the special day. Finally, the pipe club that I started with brentona a year ago is thriving and it seems like it has done a lot of good for local pipe smokers. Guys that started out smoking aromatics are now smoking great Virginia and English blends and some now have cellars way bigger than mine (Phil!). The club has taught me a lot about humility and I realize that I know a lot less about this hobby than I thought I did. The great thing with the club is that everyone has their area of expertise and we feed off each other. It feels great to have created a community among local pipe smokers and I think that we're going to grow and thrive during our second year as a club. Well that's my welcome back speech, lol! It's good to be back and I am looking forward to chatting with old members I have come to know well, as well as a lot of new faces that are on here now.

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Back in the Game!
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