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 The reemergence of the bite.

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The reemergence of the bite. Empty
PostSubject: The reemergence of the bite.   The reemergence of the bite. EmptyFri Mar 18, 2011 10:51 am

I've started getting tongue bite again, and I am not sure why.

I have a regular pipe rotation of about four to five pipes, and I smoke (at most) two bowls a day, one in late morning early afternoon, and another in the late evening. I usually have a day or two during the week where I don't smoke at all. I clean the pipes after every smoke and clean with Everclear about once a month.

Recently, the old tongue has started to get scorched a lot again. I smoke primarily medium English/Balkan blends, with an occasional VA, but my enjoyment of VA's has lessened due to the fact that I find them less flavorful than I used to, and I always have trouble with bite.

I am finding that the G.L. Pease blends (my absolute favorites) are not cooperating with me lately. As much as I loved Blackpoint (omigod yum) I recently gave up on it because I had a really hard time keeping it lit. Many, many relights led to ashy flavor late in the bowl and ouch the next morning. I am finding the same issues with Caravan. I find that if I don't smoke these blends constantly, they quickly go out and it's the relight game all over again. Cairo bites me bad.

The blends in the Old London series treat me pretty well, thank goodness, as they are amazing.

And So To Bed bites me bad. Occasionally, Penzance does to, but I'm willing to put up with it a little bite for Penzance.

I also think that perhaps I need to let go of getting to the bottom of the bowl. I've only been smoking for about two years, but I've always tried to get down to the bottom, for the sake of the pipe.

And I always hear "don't smoke too fast." What is too fast? I have always smoked "slowly" .... I think. I draw slowly and deeply, puff it back out, and start on the draw again right away . . . rhythmic, but not "fast." I don't get big billowy clouds of smoke, more like tendrils, but they are pretty regular. The puff and stop technique always leads to the pipe going out. It usually takes me about 50 minutes to an hour to finish a bowl.

Any thoughts? I'd love to have a pipe later today, but dang, I'd like to get off the cycle of smoke and ouch for a day or so.
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The reemergence of the bite. Empty
PostSubject: Re: The reemergence of the bite.   The reemergence of the bite. EmptyFri Mar 18, 2011 11:43 am

Not sure where you are. But could it be that spring is upon us? For me that means the cellar is humid. Pipes do not dry out. Blends may taste bland that are normally flavorful. I rotate pipes more and smoke more burley blends. The dehumidifier can run quite a bit of time just trying to keep things comfortable until the summertime air conditioning kicks on.

The reemergence of the bite. Icon_sunny

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The reemergence of the bite.
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