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Zeno Marx

Zeno Marx

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PostSubject: bees & honey   bees & honey EmptyMon Apr 23, 2012 3:20 am

I'm fascinated with bees, and I like honey a lot. I read articles whenever I see them. I find recent bee news to be disgusting and saddening.

honey's not honey

Researchers recreate bee collapse with pesticide-laced corn syrup
April 05, 2012

Honey laundering: The sour side of nature’s golden sweetener

"Just heard that Monsanto bought the leading bee research company." = not good news.
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PostSubject: Re: bees & honey   bees & honey EmptyTue Apr 24, 2012 7:53 pm

I love honey and I usually buy local honey that is made from specific flowers such as blue berries of buckwheat. I prefer raw honey with the impurities and pollen intact because that is where all the goodies are. There is no reason for me to eat the filtered stuff because I have allergies in the spring.

I think most of our health problems come from obsession from breaking everything down and isolating compounds instead of having an holistic effect. That is why vitamin pills are not effective source of vitamins and indeed can cause harm in large quantities. I am Chinese and believe that nature made an orange in a certain way so that all the complex ingredients inside work well together. That is why those Tums with Calcium is bunk because calcium needs acid to absorb.

Another reason I think we have health problems is because of use of iodized salt which puts a huge strain on our system because it leaches lot of minerals from our bodies. We use to eat salt that was not so clean which contain a lot of impurities and other metals creating a balance. I am not saying we should eat impure crap from China, far from it but rather more natural ingredients.

Reading your article you know what I fear most? Chinese producers getting smarter... and realizing that they could make more money not just selling ultra filtered crap.... but perhaps lacing it with "fake" pollen or other garbage to make it look natural and charging premium prices for it. That is my real fear.

I hate Chinese garlic, it is filled with so much pesticide and it is killing our garlic farmers. I can get a large bag for 99 cents.... and in my local hood I can't find Non-Chinese garlic without traveling outside my hood which is horrible.
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PostSubject: Re: bees & honey   bees & honey EmptyWed Apr 25, 2012 12:19 am

We had a bee keeper here a while back.
What happened to him?
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bees & honey
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