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 Lombard in my pete, less than perfect :(

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Age : 34
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Lombard in my pete, less than perfect :( Empty
PostSubject: Lombard in my pete, less than perfect :(   Lombard in my pete, less than perfect :( EmptyFri Nov 30, 2012 12:55 am

2005 GL Pease lombard in my little pete kapet 69. It's my 5th bowl of this combo, most on the weekend. It was rainy, and man, I really wanted to smoke! Been looking forward to it all day. I can't smoke inside, and my little stoop does nothing to protect me from the rain. I put on my rain jacket and take the dog for a walk with the fiance, she tells me to smoke on the walk while she holds the dog. Packed it light for a quick smoke and loose as per usual, and had a rough time keeping it lit. All i could taste was hot air and bite! None of the usual flavors of my beloved new (old) tobacco. Not until the last three puffs or so. Not sure if it was body chemistry, or what but i did not enjoy this blend tonight. Not the blends fault, this weekend i was in heaven smoking this tin! So many flavors!!! just bummed. Brothers, smoke a good one for me, gonna be a few days before i can have a nice dry, peaceful, warm smoke.
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Lombard in my pete, less than perfect :(
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