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 My winter rotation

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Age : 41
Location : Philadelphia
Registration date : 2013-01-06

My winter rotation  Empty
PostSubject: My winter rotation    My winter rotation  EmptyTue Feb 12, 2013 10:53 pm

Since I am fairly new to pipe smoking 3 months or so I have a got a pretty good collection of pipes and tobacco going. My taste are for English, strong Virginia blends and a aromatic once a week which I have a designated pipe for.

What I have so far in my rotation is Dunhill Nightcap, The Royal Yacht, Frog Morton, Sam's Flake, and G.l Peace Samarra! I Also have a four tins of aromatics from Savinelli, Davidoff, and W.O Larson.

I really don't get anything from the Aro's but have the tobacco so I smoke it once a week. Strong portions Latakia in English blends are my favorite.
Overall things are well smoking full bowls with very few re lights and keeping my pipes clean and dry. This forum was and is a great help.

Smoking a bowl of Nightcap now in my BC Caprice Billiard.
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My winter rotation
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