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 A really "Auld" Hardcastle Billiard

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A really "Auld" Hardcastle Billiard Empty
PostSubject: A really "Auld" Hardcastle Billiard   A really "Auld" Hardcastle Billiard EmptyFri Feb 28, 2014 6:18 pm

Finally came in
Just got off the "E" bay on line market place
A Hardcastle Billiard, quite "auld" possibly mid 40s to early 50s; but for a shape #12 Pot Camden this just about completes my Hardcastle Collection. It's possibly as "auld" as I am; and, its' Pre-Cadogan, how wonderful.
It is beautiful and everything I had hoped for; there is still plenty of "smoke left" in it.
A fair bit of cake up a little high; I don't think I've ever met a briar man who breaks in a Pipe "correctly", not a big deal for me. The object is to smoke and enjoy; I've got some bents but looking at the collection, aesthetically, the Billiard shape is the overall favorite for me.
To Rob_in_Mo:
Go on line and punch in "Hardcastle Pipes"; you'll come up to "....Hardcastle smarter.com....", punch that up and you'll see
"...Hardcastle E-bay...."
Punch that in and you'll see the Hardcastle Page with a Pipe overhead.
I punch in "Dunhill Pipes"
The "Dunhill" page comes up with the same overhead tool bar; on the bar line will be "Charatan Pipes".
Punch that in; I've never seen anything less than three pages of Charatan offerings, new, estate, auctions etc., Shiny Pipe will regularly go on there with either a Charatan Offering or a "Charatan/Ben Wade" offering. 'Rob' if you want a Charatan it's kinda' like being a kid in a candy shop. They're all their from estates up to '2500large'; they're proud of their stuff.
Personally after dealing with 'Shiny Pipe' I do not know that I shall ever 'buy new' again, ever again. All of their product is reconditioned to "Pristine"; essentially what you are getting is a "pre-broken in" Pipe ready to go. Load some Dark English, steep a pot of "Thompson's Dublin", in a Devonshire Ironstone Blue pot, and breakout your favorite Anne Perry [Thomas Pitt or William Monk series] Victorian detective novel. It's probably the most fun you'll ever have with your clothes on.


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A really "Auld" Hardcastle Billiard
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