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 Trout season opens in 4 days!

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Age : 62
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Trout season opens in 4 days! Empty
PostSubject: Trout season opens in 4 days!   Trout season opens in 4 days! EmptyTue Apr 21, 2015 8:16 pm

I know in some states it's already open but here in s. Ontario, Brook Trout opens on April 24, followed by Turkey on April 27.

Having just retired I'm really looking forward to this year. I always made hunting a priority bt now I can get back to fly fishing too! Yeehaw, can't sit still. bounce

I have great memories of sneaking my dad's Fisher Compact pipe and some dried out Sail green and taking off up a small creek so tangled that know one else would go there. What the road side fishermen didn't know was that 75 yards in, the creek opened up. I'd fish awhile then light up when the bugs started coming out with the sun. Then I'd make a small fire and cook a a couple of little brookies on a stick for lunch. What fun!!

Anyone else excited about this time of year?
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Location : Near the Great Lakes
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Trout season opens in 4 days! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Trout season opens in 4 days!   Trout season opens in 4 days! EmptyThu Apr 23, 2015 7:46 am

The season will open in Michigan on April 25. Some locations may have snow on the ground. Temp here this morning is 30. With the winter we had this year I am quite certain there will be no shortage of folks camping, trailering and FISHING. Their success rate will vary depending on their location. Get out and enjoy the outdoors!


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Trout season opens in 4 days!
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