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 BR15-18 - Smooth Freehand Dublin

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Location : Portugal
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BR15-18 - Smooth Freehand Dublin Empty
PostSubject: BR15-18 - Smooth Freehand Dublin   BR15-18 - Smooth Freehand Dublin EmptyTue May 19, 2015 6:54 pm

Good evening brothers!

I hope everyone is having a great evening / afternoon / morning, depending on your location ;-)

After yesterday's giveaway it's time to get back to trying and make a living.

Bruno Robalo


Moderator Action...

Bruno...from here on out you are to post your pipes in the Towne Crier section, like all other commercial sellers. I've gone over this with before on several occasions and will not do so again. I regret this action, but others in your position have no problem following guidelines...and from here on out you will be expected to comply.

Further posts either here or in the Trading Post section will be deleted.

Continued attempts to post in the DIY or TP in order to sell your admittedly fine pipes may well result in immediate cessation of your member status.

Blackhorse - Site Moderator
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BR15-18 - Smooth Freehand Dublin
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