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 Almost back from the cloud

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Age : 70
Location : southern me
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Almost back from the cloud Empty
PostSubject: Almost back from the cloud   Almost back from the cloud EmptySat Jun 25, 2016 1:43 pm

Well yesterday got a bit better but still not 100% from Benadryl overload, I can't imagine taking more than 1 pill, although I don't know what the dosage is of the liquid stuff they give me for chemotherapy maintenance, it knocks me for a loop as well but nothing like I experienced Thurday.

I purchased this Becker pipe from the gentleman Paulo Becker originally made it for. I can't truly say if it is a small smashed and canted Tomato or a short shank canted Prince, either way it's gorgeous and smokes even better than it looks.

The bowl was light, not quite a Vergin but lighter than I've seen from Paulo, the silver hallmarked band and horn stem are as the original owner requested. Turns out he was a clencher and very nervous of clenching this pipe that after only two smokes he offered it up for sale and I snatched it faster than a chicken on a June bug, it is taking on color nicely as I am smoking OGS in it while keeping it smokey.

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Almost back from the cloud
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