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 Political and religious threads policy

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Political and religious threads policy Empty
PostSubject: Political and religious threads policy   Political and religious threads policy EmptyThu Nov 10, 2016 8:53 am

All threads created with political or religious discussion will be moved to The Rubber Room.

We, the Admin and Mod's would appreciate it if all threads discussing politics or religion were created in The Rubber Room to save us having to move them, and the inevitable complaints and accusations that follow that move.

There is not always someone around that can assist with moving threads and that has caused us some grief.

Our community has lost too many good people because these threads are too easily accessible. Access to The Rubber Room requires joining The Asylum and accepting those conditions. The Rubber Room is not a free for all. So if you did not learn how to have what could be a heated discussion without throwing insults, you may find yourself locked out of The Rubber Room.

Also, please read the Sticky "Post Sorting Announcement" for more information. https://www.brothersofbriar.com/t12625-psa-post-sorting-announcement

Thank you for your cooperation.

Political and religious threads policy Icon_sunny

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Political and religious threads policy
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