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 Brothers from Across the Pond

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Age : 38
Location : Northwest Michigan
Registration date : 2012-08-14

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PostSubject: Brothers from Across the Pond   Brothers from Across the Pond EmptyFri Dec 23, 2016 10:34 am

Silver Y Moth Migrations

Pretty much everyone that knows me knows that my main job is that I am an Exterminator.   I found this article while having my morning coffee.  Has any member from across the pond witnessed this migration?  In Michigan we dont have any notable Insecta migrations, but people say in Michigan you are never more than 5 miles from a lake , pond or river, we get MASSIVE Fish Fly and May Fly hatches that HAVE been known to shut towns down for a day or two( dont quote me on the 5 mile fact as it is what "they" say and even though it sounds correct I am not sure it is true).  I would be interested in hearing any personal accounts of this migration and what effects it has on other wild life such as Brown Bats and Arachnid size and population , primarily web building species.
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Age : 50
Location : 'Blighty'
Registration date : 2014-02-19

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PostSubject: Re: Brothers from Across the Pond   Brothers from Across the Pond EmptySat Dec 24, 2016 7:24 pm

Hi Alex,

I don't think we get anything of the scale you're alluding to, though we can get big mayfly (eg) hatches when the time's right. They're only really noticeable if you live close to a watercourse.

You may find the attached article interesting Alex. It's about migrating insects so should be right in your wheelhouse. If you run the programme from the beginning it's the second item. Well worth a listen to the whole programe though. Happy listening!


Kind regards,

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Brothers from Across the Pond
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