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 The lovely Cannoy

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Age : 70
Location : southern me
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PostSubject: The lovely Cannoy    The lovely Cannoy  EmptyMon May 29, 2017 9:26 am

A light drizzle now with rain and thunderstorms on the horizon and very raw out. Doing my best to keep it smokey with the Walt Cannoy Suede Billiard with white spigot stem filled with aged Ashton Brindle Flake.

The lovely Cannoy  34156656473_129bdff111_z_d
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Age : 58
Location : Albuquerque, NM, USA
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The lovely Cannoy  Empty
PostSubject: Re: The lovely Cannoy    The lovely Cannoy  EmptyFri Jun 09, 2017 3:17 pm

Hey, good to see you over here for a change! Of course, I'm sure you get around the pipe world with far more effectiveness than I. Anyway, just thought I'd comment on your lovely Comoy post. It really is lovely. I enjoyed the close-up of you in particular. Good camera eye! Speaking of eye, I also have collected a few Comoy's:

The lovely Cannoy  Mg_16210
The lovely Cannoy  Silver10
The lovely Cannoy  5010
The lovely Cannoy  1410
The lovely Cannoy  2610

My favorite was actually the Italian Silver Shadow Apple 368, and then the MG (Bent Brandy?). I also really liked the Atwood 1954 Hall of Fame when I tried it after a quick clean while restoring it, but that one went fast. I got into a debate with two friends who tend to know more than I do about the finer points of pipe dating, but that one I put extraordinary time into and knew I was right from the hallmarks, which they both quickly found on their phones and confirmed my assessment. One of them bought it on the spot! For some reason, the bulldogs and Rhodesians always go as soon as I can restore them. The other friend was hung up on the stem, which he said was Lucite, which he was sure wasn't in wide use then, but I think I just cleaned it up so well it looked like Lucite!

I actually have a question in all of this rambling. Have you ever heard of a P&K Everyman that's supposedly related to the London Pipe variety somehow, although they're all rugged rustics? I contacted Steve Laug, and he says he thinks it's not a Comoy's Everyman but wrote:

I got your message when I got home late last evening and then read the email this morning. I have not heard of the P&K brand and Everyman pipe does not at all look English to me. I am wondering if it could possibly be from one of two original makers.

1.       Alpha pipes Israel made for the cigar shop - the finish, style of the bowl and the stem make it look very much like many Alpha Israel pipes pre-Grabow ownership.
2.       Lorenzo pipes Italy as they made many basket pipes for different shops.

So, just to double check, although I think Steve's right, I wondered if you've heard of a P&K Everyman connected to Comoy's. That is all!
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The lovely Cannoy
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