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 The Mimmo Provenzano Bulldog

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The Mimmo Provenzano Bulldog  Empty
PostSubject: The Mimmo Provenzano Bulldog    The Mimmo Provenzano Bulldog  EmptyThu Jun 01, 2017 1:44 pm

I've written a few times about my pipes from Italian Pipemaker Mimmo Provenzano from the Puglia region in Italy where I would have been born had my parents not come to the states several months prior to my birth.

I consider I own 2 1/2 pipes by Mimmo, the two bowled Calabash being 1 1/2 and this beautiful canted Bulldog with black acrylic ring space between the briar bowl and the Boxwood cap which has a raw briar spacer, it also has a long diamond shank with beautiful straight grain and birdseye.

Mimmo does not coat his bowls which I know many prefer over a coating. As with most new pipes I smoked aged Esoterica Stonehaven for the first smoke.

I am a great fan of Esoterica Tilbury and it smokes well in all of my pipes but the Bulldog really brings out the creaminess of Tilbury better than any of my other pipes so it is dedicated to Tilbury and while I have close to 2 lbs of it whenever the urge to have a smoke of it I reach for this pipe to keep it smokey.

The Mimmo Provenzano Bulldog  34647921970_e17257d412_z_d
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The Mimmo Provenzano Bulldog
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