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 Thankful it's cooler today

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PostSubject: Thankful it's cooler today    Thankful it's cooler today  EmptyWed Jun 14, 2017 7:48 am

So far June weather has been fickle with the majority of the month with nights in the 40's and daytime temperatures in the mid 50's to 70 except for the past 3 days when temperatures hovered into the 90's daytime and 70's at night. Quite a bit cooler today with the high expected to be 70, a brisk cool wind this morning but not like the 37f temperature in Berlin NH.

Starting off with an Ardor Urano two knuckle bamboo shank in a comfy bowl filled with PS Luxury Navy Flake keeping it smokey.

Thankful it's cooler today  35261872486_1a26a2e03e_z_d
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PostSubject: Re: Thankful it's cooler today    Thankful it's cooler today  EmptyThu Jun 15, 2017 7:37 pm

Funny to ask you about something other than one of your gorgeous pipes, but your mention of Berlin NH: One of my best friends parents came from Berlin and our gang used to meet all his relatives and hear tales of "the old days" in Berlin. A couple of us, when we were 15r, even accompanied him with his parents one long winter weekend and went up to the magic city. I just remember the cold walks, the air smelling of burning Sulphur from the factory smoke, and how high it looked from the top of the rickety ski jump.
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Thankful it's cooler today
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