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 The other Kaywoodie metal pipe I own

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The other Kaywoodie metal pipe I own  Empty
PostSubject: The other Kaywoodie metal pipe I own    The other Kaywoodie metal pipe I own  EmptySun Jul 02, 2017 5:20 pm

This is the Kaywoodie Filtronic model, it uses a cork baffle under the bowl that has small holes drilled around it the bottom and top fit snugly into a round chamber at the bottom portion that holds the bowl, it also has a cutout that aligns with the intake to the shank.

There is an o'ring that holds the bowl in place and a spring inside the shaft to capture moisture. I have never seen cork replacements for this pipe and doubt you could make one with any ease, the spring is a tight fit an allows only the thinnest of pipe cleaners to access the trapped moisture and tars, even after a thorough cleaning you can go back several days later and pick up more with new pipe cleaners.

The only item on this pipe you could find a replacement for is the o'ring since I did check some out in the o'ring faucet replacement center at our Ace Hardware, I don't think if the spring let go it would be the end of the world but it's the cork that has me keeping close attention to and take good and careful care to keep it clean of debris or you totally lose your draft. Once again keeping it smokey with some Orlik Golden Sliced.

The other Kaywoodie metal pipe I own  34869113223_16f77d00f0_z_d
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The other Kaywoodie metal pipe I own
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