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 Here come the Beckers

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Age : 70
Location : southern me
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Here come the Beckers  Empty
PostSubject: Here come the Beckers    Here come the Beckers  EmptySun Jul 09, 2017 12:59 pm

While I always take care of my pipes this is my oldest Becker from Fritz Becker. It is a pencil shank rusticated Billiard and the shank had a fracture near the stem that had been repaired.

When I purchased it I knew it had the fracture and was given time to both inspect it for soundness and even smoke it. All was well, the repair was sound and it smoked well.

It served me well for many years before the glue repair failed, I cleaned the old glue off and did some major research in finding a glue that I would try to once again put it right. After 2 years of playing around with cobs and different glues I found the glue I would repair it with.

Once again soundly repaired I felt this classic style old soldier needed a classic codger blend so I chose Prince Albert to keep it smokey.

Here come the Beckers  35430701380_18c179e47c_z_d
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Here come the Beckers
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