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 The Northern Lights

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Age : 70
Location : southern me
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PostSubject: The Northern Lights    The Northern Lights  EmptyMon Jul 17, 2017 10:04 pm

Well for the second time in my life I've stood in awe watching the Northern Lights. The first time was over 12 years ago while at our camp in Stoneham ME. Tonight I'm at home and while not as colorful as the last time where gold, red and green lights were observed it was simply green tonight with the Big Dipper above it in the northern sky, simply spectacular watching natures light show whilst enjoying a pipe. Cheers.
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Ozark Wizard

Ozark Wizard

Age : 56
Location : Mark Twain National Forest, MO
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PostSubject: Re: The Northern Lights    The Northern Lights  EmptyTue Jul 18, 2017 12:24 am

Great stuff! I enjoy those and other celestial visual delights. Keep it smokey sir! cheers
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Age : 67
Location : Arid-zona
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PostSubject: Re: The Northern Lights    The Northern Lights  EmptyTue Jul 18, 2017 7:58 pm

They were promised here in the Pac NW, but alas I'm not awake when they are supposed to do their stuff.

I once saw a small version of them in BC back in '79 when I was up in the Canadian Rockies. And that was impressive enough. Cool



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The Northern Lights
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