A great weekend!

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Oct 23, 2011
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It's been a while since I had a string of good times. Thursday my buddy brought pipe make Jeff Allen aka Allen Brothers, to the B&M. He sold a few pipes and played poker with us. Such a great guy. He did pretty well considering he never played tournament with us nut-jobs. His buddy shared a 40 year old Capstan blue with us that was sublime! I came in 3rd place which is paid out in gift cards. That will help my TAD/PAD this month.

Saturday, went to the TAPS show in Raleigh. Looking at some pipes and somebody asked if I needed help and was chatting when I finally looked up and it was Wade Anstead of Anstead's Tobacconist from Fayetteville. One of the nicest lounges in the state. We chatted and I invited him out to my local B&M that night since they were having the Drew Estate event and he is good friends with Will, the Drew rep.

Had fun chatting with pipe smokers, pipe makers and everyone. Picked up 2 tins of Black XX. I guess I will crack one now that I have multiple tins and give it a shot. Probably wait until I have a steak dinner first. Also picked up McCranie's Red Ribbon tinned in 2017. A gentleman was switching to filtered pipes and was selling all his non-filtered pipes. Picked up 2 pipes for $50. One was 625 Albatross made by Savinelli and Mr. Grog that he purchased at the factory in Krakow. Both in excellent condition. The Albatross has some oxidation and a buddy said he will clean that up for me. Before I left I stopped back over to chat with Jeff Allen and he shared some 1983 McCranie's Red Ribbon. Smoked that on the way to the Drew Estate event. It was like a bowl of sweet sugar and zero heat. Amazing stuff.

Got the to the B&M and it was slammed. People in the shop, most were out back. The shop is 100 year old farmhouse. They had two large smokers going with chicken and ribs. Sooo good. Wade showed up and an I showed him around and all the folks came up and either said they have heard nothing but good things about his shop or have been to the shop and said how awesome his place is for smokers. Nice to see B&M's support each other. Anyway, got the last minute cash game poker call and headed over to the game.

Game was nuts and a lot of fun. I left around 12:30am and was in positive territory which is a bonus.

Today I took my father to see the matinee showing of Puccini's Tosca at Raleigh Memorial. Excellent performance. We went out to dinner after for drinks and a meal.

Perfect weekend!


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May 4, 2011
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Wunnerful. I'm envious!