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Dec 9, 2007
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This site was created primarily as a place to communicate with other pipe smokers on the net. There are many other places dedicated to the same interest but what sets BoB Forums/Chat apart from them is that it is completely community driven. Meaning the members have a say in the direction this site heads in the future. BoB Forums/Chat is not in competition with anyone and therefore you are able to say or link to any place you wish as long as it is respectful and tolerated by the members of the community. Community being the priority in all things.

It's hoped you find the site useful but if you don't please feel free to make a suggestion for improvements.


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Dec 15, 2007
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I would also like to ad that the team at BoB's, it's owners, administrators and moderators are in no way responsible for the content posted here by folks other than ourselves. This is a public forum with many voices represented. You will likely not agree with 100% of the content here l00% of the time. Such is life. Either get over it or simply move on.

If a fellow member says something you don't like weather it be personal in nature or not please feel free to ignore them or simply take it up with that member directly. Generally the team here keeps a good eye out for trolls and the like but we can't watch the board 24 hours a day as we all have full time jobs. Some things can and do slip through the cracks. We will do our best to address them as soon as they're brought to our attention. Please keep the whining and complaining to our mods and admins at an absolute bear minimum. All of them are totally unpaid and under appreciated volunteers here. They're job is to help insure thet things run as smoothly as possible. They're not here to salve your emotional wounds and hear your constant gripes.