Acrylic Stems for Cobs

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Feb 9, 2008
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Posted in another thread:
I purchased an almost identical set, as shown below, on Ebay from Molina, but shipping cost as much as the stems. I have them in seven cobs. Pipeshop from Italy is including free shipping. I just ordered another 5-pack. When they arrive, I'll post some for sale for what I paid plus postage to you, probably about $12.00 each. Ebay charged me 8% sales tax on the $50 = $54.00/5= $10.80 each

I see that VF charges $7.00 shipping, so the actual price, shipped is $25.00, but I think VF may include additional service, but I don't know if there's an extra charge for fitting.
These just arrived:

They will require some filing and sanding to fit cobs. I'm selling them for what I paid with postage, $12.00. Color choice, 1st come, first color choice.
I'm doing this as a courtesy and am equally happy selling or keeping them. If you want one, please post in this thread and message me.