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After 12 years...

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Dec 29, 2007
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...I just connected with my (then) band's drummer. Got caught up. Great friends at the time, but drifted out of touch. Turns out his younger brother---who was scraping by in an old warehouse in Cincinnati as a toy designer (sleeping on a cot in a utility room the last time I saw him)---has since gone on to design the Elmo doll for three consecutive years (the Holy Grail of toy design), on top of hitting several patented invention home runs such as an RC motorcycle that balances itself. In short, he could buy half of Ohio, today.

His cousin topped it, though: Paul Buchheit. One of Google's first dozen employees, and the guy who wrote/invented Gmail. Not content to retire with a yacht and G5, he started up his own company to have something interesting to do --- Friendfeed.com. He could buy half of California.

It hurts so good. :lol:


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Jun 4, 2008
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I am happy that you connected with an old friend. It is always worth the effort as opposed to wondering "what if..."

Their stories make me realize what a great country we live in --- there is always hope for better days, no matter dreary one may feel on a given day.