Are you an 18th century gentleman?

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Dec 10, 2011
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Gentleman wasn't my thing. I used to do historical camping type stuff. Everything you brought had to be readily available prior to 1840. Frequently did winter camping trips like this. Usually clothing consisted of a breach cloth and leggings with moccasins, a linen shirt and a wool blanket coat and a toque. 2 wool blankets and a waterproof ground cloth and some type of canvas sheet to use as a tent or lean-to with some basic cooking equipment to round things out. Depending on exactly when a flintlock rifle and the accessories to shoot it would come along during hunting season otherwise just a flintlock pistol in case of emergency ie snakes. It was great fun but beyond my capabilities now due to arthritis. I would go out like that for a month or more at a time. Really makes you appreciate all the mod cons for sure.