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Jan 14, 2008
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Hello everyone,

I was asked by Frank Burla to post this around the net for the pipemaking
seminar this year in Chicago. The dates for the pipemaking seminar are
Wednesday. April 30th 2008, and Thursday May 1st 2008. The seminars start at
8:00am each day and go until 5:00pm with an hour break for lunch. You will
need to bring your own predrilled block of briar with the preformed stem
either fitted to the pipe or not, and a pair of safety glasses. You will be
making your own pipe so make sure to bring cloths that can get dirty and

Myself, Kirk Bosi, Alex Florov, and Ed Jurkiewicz so far will be the
teachers with other pipemakers possibly showing up to help.

Last year Teddy Knudsen, and others showed up and also helped with the
seminar. We do hope they will also show up again this year too!

We will be teaching something new, how to use a tenon cutting tool to fit a
stem to a pipe, along with sandblasting, and general pipemaking. So if your
block of briar doesnt have the stem fitted to it, that will be fine, we can
teach that to you, and fit the stem to your predrilled block of briar.

We are taking the first 12 people that contact me via email for the seminar.
You will need to send me a $50.00 check made out to CPCC to guarantee your
spot at the seminar. The check will be returned to you on the first day of
the seminar. You will also be required to sign a waiver for insurance

If you would like to participate, please email me at fixit5561@comcast.net
I will email you back to confirm that your place will be held when your
check arrives to me here, and will email you my mailing address. If you have
any questions please feel free to email me.

Thank you
Brian Ruthenberg