Cobblestone Black Coffee "Review"

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Jan 1, 2020
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This isn't really a final review, just some initial impressions, and a general discussion of coffee flavored blends.

The advantage of posting here instead of Tobacco Reviews is that a Brother can always follow up my impressions by saying something like this: "Well, you didn't give it a fair shake. For it to really show best you need to first microwave it for 13 seconds (adjusting the quantity/wattage algorithm as necessary) then put it in a food grinder until it looks like sawdust, then load it into a vintage meerschaum - but only one with a real amber stem - then smoke it under a full moon."

See, that's the kind of helpful feedback I need! Anyway, my initial impressions after six bowls in three different pipes (cob, Falcon, 9mm briar):

Not worth the premium price. Says ribbon cut but seems more like a chunky ready rubbed - probably Sutliff's bulk Coffee #203 that has been pressed and re-cut. When first popped the tin note does have an aroma of coffee and dark chocolate. Smoked straight from the tin there is some bitterness, a common problem with using coffee. When the solid suspension of the coffee settles into the porous leaf and is then set to flame, there will be some bitterness. I've experimented with making my own coffee blends, using both Burley and Virginias, and I also used Brazilian coffee, in my case single estate Monte Alegre medium roast for the nutty nuances, prepared via Chemex. Only way to get rid of the bitterness was to cover it up with something sweet or creamy. I used some Kahlua.

After letting the Cobblestone dry on a paper plate for 24 hours the impression is much different. Now the bitterness is gone, along with nearly all the flavor. Now tastes like a generic mild Cavendish, which may appeal to those looking for a very, very mild morning smoke. Does not bite, and burns to ash with one single light. But that doesn't warrant a premium price tag. In six bowls I got exactly two draws of actual coffee taste, and another couple draws that faintly hinted at cocoa and brown sugar. Honestly, this shouldn't be priced higher than Captain Black, or about $7.99-8.99 tinned.

Probably the best coffee blend I've tried is Russ Oullette's Chocolate Covered Espresso Bean - but you have to like the chocolate part of it. Peretti Coffee Cavendish is mild as milk toast. Haven't yet tried Country Squire's Cowboy Coffee. Any other suggestions?