Comparing Peterson 3Ps and GLP Triple Play (and a discovery)

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Mar 25, 2021
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Largo, Florida
So for the past week, I’ve been smoking mainly those two plugs. Both are 10 years old, though the Peterson product probably has more age simply because (as a rule) GL Pease (and, by extension, C&D) don’t age their leaf nearly as long both before and after processing. But that’s moot... they’re both very well aged.

But I found myself wishing I could somehow combine the best characteristics of the two into a new, better (to me) Plug.

For brevity’s sake, I see the way the major European houses present tobacco as compared to GLP/CD is the difference between a hearty beef stew that’s been well seasoned and simmering all day... as opposed to the raw ingredients of that stew, sitting in the same pot, uncooked. To my palate, houses like K&K, Gawith Hoggarth etc do a great deal more “seasoning and simmering” to their blends than do the Americans. And I’ll take stew over salad most days.

The 10 year old Triple Play is very tasty... nice and fermented... very full flavor, especially compared to the new stock. But there’s still something a little “plain” about it, to my taste. The Peterson’s 3P has the simmering and seasoning I go for... but it lacks the breadth of flavor—pure tobacco flavor, mind you—that Triple Play gets, thanks to the perique.

So... on a whim, I decided to add a little (C&D, as fate would have it) granulated perique I keep on hand to a bowl of 3Ps... adding somewhere between 1/4 & 1/3 the amount of actual 3Ps. And there it is. The best of both worlds.