Cord Cutting, the Final Step

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May 20, 2012
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8 years ago I cancelled my satellite service and cable is not an option where I live. I relied on HuluPlus, NetFlix, and Amazon Prime for my serious TV addiction. But I was soon blowing past my 150 Gig limit on ATT DSL and paying overage fees every month.

I finally got serious about setting up an antenna and getting OTA TV. I put a little flat RCA antenna in my front window and can pull in 30 plus free channels, including the 5 major networks. What I could not get used to was having to tie myself to a schedule again. Schedules and retired old farts who like their naps is not a good fit.

Enter Tivo. They have a DVR specifically engineered for OTA TV. Ah, free from the tyranny of schedules. The only drawback is you have to subscribe to their service for $14.99/month. I was able to reduce that effectively to $7.00/month by being able to cancel my HuluPlus service.

In the next few months I will be kicking ATT to the curb. I am out in the boonies and have actual competition in the high speed internet market. 2 counties south of me is a company that provides 4G wireless internet service (WISP). Not the limited stuff a cell company sells, but a technology engineered to deliver internet service through the air. Not a public WiFi hotspot like McDonalds, but a secure home connection.

The only reason I don't drive down there today and pick up a router is I have heard that within a few months another company will be moving in offering Fiber Through The Air (FTTA). Think about that for a minute. I live a few miles past the middle of nowhere GA and will soon have a choice of 3 ISPs.