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Sep 20, 2008
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This seemed like the best place to put this question. I was wondering if any of you Gentlemen could steer me in the right direction for acquiring good base tobaccos for the purpose of blending. A buddy of mine and I are looking to make our own but we really don't know where to start except that we need base mixing tobacco. Any help would be greatly appreciated. By the way we don't plan to make money off this at all. We'd like to but it probably wont happen. Thanks brothers.



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Dec 10, 2007
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McClelland Tinned Blending Latakia 50g
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McClelland Tinned Blending Oriental 50g
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McClelland Tinned Blending Perique 50g
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McClelland Tinned Blending Virginia 50g
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Blending Latakia Pipe Tobacco (1 pound)

Available in One pound bags. For use in making English/Oriental tobacco blends.
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Blending Eastern Carolina Ribbon Pipe Tobacco (1 pound)
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Blending Perique Pipe Tobacco (1 pound)

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Cornell & Diehl blending weed


McClelland's 5100 makes a great base VA to start with...

BTW, if you want to try a nice blend I found this on the's called Sugar & Spice and I thought it was great...

2 oz. McClelland's 5100
2 oz. McClelland's 5100 Stoved (2 hrs 20 mins. @ 220 degrees F)
1 oz. McClelland's Blending Perique

Mix them well after the stoved 5100 cools and seal it up for a month to allow the flavors to merge...sweet with a little hint of spice, thus the name...