Deshaun Watson

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Feb 9, 2008
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So far, 14 charges of "inappropriate sexual contact." It struck as very strange that some of those charging him say the conduct happened years ago, but that they never reported the conduct to police. All are female outcall massage therapists and are all now represented in civil suits seeking financial damages by Houston attorney Tony Buzbee. Watson could be a scumball, but claimants lining up now to seek civil damages strikes me as having a bit of an odor.

It reminded me of a situation a few years ago where a local husband/wife lawyer team sought out people with physical disabilities as clients, then sued businesses for damages whose physical facility didn't meet the exact specifications cited in the Americans With Disabilities Act. Ultimately, the lawyers were reprimanded by the court. My understanding, via the grapevine, was that the male of the legal team had the crap beaten out of him and told if he didn't drop every suit, he'd soon be worm food. I guess it never crossed the lawyer's mind that one or more of the businesses he was suing were used by some very unsavory people to launder cash.
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