Divorce Sagas

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Feb 9, 2008
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Corncobcon's anniversary post and Ranger's post about divorce got me thinking about my early divorce and some of the divorces my friends went through. When I got divorced in 1976, Minnesota didn't have a no-fault (amicable) divorce statute. You had to go to court if you were the one who filed. My ex filed, I was living in another state and wasn't expected to be in divorce court. On a lark, I flew in and sat in the gallery. The ex, on the stand, went into a sobbing rant of what a horrible person I was and how she was emotionally scarred. Silly me, I raised my hand, stood up, and said, "Please grant the divorce, but understand, for the record, what my soon-to-be ex wife is testifying, under MN law, qualifies as perjury." The judge had me forcibly escorted from the courtroom with a guard holding each of my arms until we got to the elevator. One guard remarked, "Man, you should be glad to be rid of that bitch." We all laughed.