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Dunhill Latakia

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Rail Man

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Dec 23, 2007
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Does anyone know what type of Latakia (ie Cyprian or Syrian) Murray's used in their Dunhill blends? When I seriously got into pipe smoking I was really into Aperitif, Nightcap, and 965, but this was before I discovered VA blends and moved to them (over which time Orlik took over at Dunhill). I've smoked odyssey and Westminster since but these don't seem to do it for my latakia-wise compared to the Dunhills. Don't get me wrong, they're great blends that I smoke when I need a break from VA, but to me the latakia aspect just seems different. At present I'm also smoking some Murray's Durbar and the latakia has the taste I remember from the other Duhnill blends. I haven't yet tried any Orlik blends for comparison.

Am I off my rocker or is there something to this? Thanks a lot! :pipe:


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Dec 10, 2007
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Chestnut, IL
We usually refer to Latakia as Cyprian or Syrian. But I have suspected that the Guild of Tobacco Blenders has hidden from us the real truth. That there are many. Must be some sort of secret handshake that gets you the knowledge.

I didn't appreciate the Dunhill blends at first. But they have really been almost the Holy Grail this winter season. Perhaps it's age or my technique improving.