Esoterica mold?

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Geographer Ultimo
Dec 21, 2007
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Central Arkansas
I had a recent "mold incident" and it got me thinking that while I've jared up many dozens of quarts and half quarts over the years, three times I've had mold grow in the sealed jars. All were Esoterica tobaccos; including Ramsgate, Blackpool, and Penzance.

Like most Esoterica tobaccos I've experienced, they do come very moist, and in all three cases it was the 8 oz. sealed mylar-type bags. I opened them, took about an ounce or two for use, and sealed the rest up immediately in a quart Mason jar. My larder is moderately cool as it's in the basement, and dark. In all three cases it was two to three years later when I noticed the whitish-grayish mold starting up. And no, it's not bloom (I took it to our botany lab and a prof. friend and I spent almost an hour looking at it under intense magnification and trying to key it out).

I've never experienced this with other tobaccos, including some that seemed as moist as the Esoterica's. Anyone else have this experience with a particular brand? I enjoy several of their tobaccos, and I've jared up several other blends they make with no problem even eight or ten years lator (indeed, I don't think any self-respecting mold would grow on Woodbridge!) :pale: And in the three cases I've had this problem, I was able to save most of two of them by carefully picking out the most obvious bits with mold on them, drying out the whole batch, and re-sealing into a clean jar. In the case of the Blackpool, it's still quite good a couple of years later.