Experiemental "kick it up a notch"

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the macdonald

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Aug 31, 2008
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My tastes have been particularly finicky these days, and not even Arcadia seems satisfying. I am a lat-head but I have been trying to branch out a bit. I bought C&D Longevity II last week as a trip into Oriental realms. I like the blend but the description is far off base in my opinion. It seems a decent choice but it is very mild. Last night I decided to add “a little latakia” to a bowl. I added a pinch, but that didn’t seem enough considering my size 6 bowl so I peppered just a bit more and mixed it in. O my! With the Longevity as a solid base note the Latakia (I think I overshot the mark a bit) came screaming into being. This was a sweaty, almost painful pipe, but so tasty I couldn’t stop. With the tobacco not married at all and mixed moments before packing by hand it was a alternating current of fierce curry spice and almost sandalwood perfume from the Orientals. Definitely not an “all day smoke” and a little too active for the contemplation smoke, sort of, “now I hope you ready for something completely different.” Either way a bold and enjoyable experiment.