First Restoration Attempt

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May 26, 2008
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The estate Chheda came in from Pipestud ultra fast considering the season so I decided to spend Christmas Eve in my first "restoration." Actually, that's an overstatement because the pipe looked like it had been smoked only a few times at most.

I gave it the Elijah Craig treatment to the shank until the bristled brushes came out clean (never were too dirty); same to the stem followed by a Brebbia polish up; reemed what little cake was in the bowl; then gave it the kosher salt/bourbon treatment overnight. Then followed this morning with a light sandpapering of the bowl and a polishing with Dunhill wax. Pretty much down to bare wood. All seems well.

I could have taken it down to Premal for his touch (and I'll still let him examine it before smoking it) but it was so lightly used that I think even this amateur was capable of not screwing it up too much.

Side note: It's interesting to see this piece from my favorite pipe maker. There's a BIG difference in the quality of the current pipes from the initial few (this was the 7th made). Still, it should be a good smoker and is rightfully in the hands of The World's Leading Collector of Chheda Pipes. :lol: