fixing your old remote with rubber buttons

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Zeno Marx

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Jun 26, 2010
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I figured in case anyone has old electronic gear with a finicky remote, this might be of use. I have an old, irreplaceable computer sensor thing with rubber buttons that stopped working. I tried cleaning the circuit board and the backs of the buttons with 91% rubbing alcohol a few different times, but they were very temporary fixes. This seems to have worked. I used double-sided tape and tin foil rather than super glue. Made little perfect circles with a paper 1-hole punch. Hoping the tape sticks to the rubber buttons for longer than a few weeks. The tape might prove to be the Achilles in my method.

I've seen recommendations for using graphite powder, but that seemed too messy and temporary. Maybe I'm wrong in thinking that. Also could use silver super glue, but it is expensive. It isn't a common household item, either. I know I didn't have any. If I had silver tape or HVAC foil tape for ductwork, I would have tried it instead of making my own.

I'm sure there are a hundred different ways to do this, and a hundred different products you could use. Like copper tape for stained glass for another example.