G L Pease Spark Plug

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Dec 10, 2007
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Chestnut, IL
Well done sir! :cool:

I picked up some tins a while back. Dated 1-21-20. Might be the first group. Might not. Doesn't matter. What can I say? The tin description really says what needs to be said. It's very good. I have noticed that bowl to bowl seems to be changing in taste a bit. Maybe it is still evolving. More likely my crude method of preparation is the cause.

I set the tin on a handy stump by the woodpile. I smack it with an ax. Cut the tin and plug in half. Then I peal off the tin parts and dice the plug up with a hatchet.

It's a USA exclusive. So check it out if you like leather and a fair bit of Latakia. It can also have moments of sweet and dry. Reminds me of tickling the carbs on my BSA. Right up my alley. :cool:
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