GLP Embarcadero, coffee

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Aug 26, 2012
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was just in charleston and picked up a few GLP tins. two tins of embarcadero from august of 09 and a robusto from 06. cracked the embarcadero and had a bowl yesterday. this baccy is a fickle one. wasn't the greatest for the first smoke, but had hints of greatness to it. second smoke was jut shy of sublime. third smoke is this morning with some french pressed coffee that has some good acidity and slight berry notes to it, with a hint of lemon peel in there. loaded up my iwan ries sitter (i suspect it's a kriswell) and fired up. this time i dried the little princess and rubbed it out. now i'm starting to get it. pairs with the coffee perfectly. the spice from the izmir reminds me of thai food a little bit, and the sweetness of the VA is just killing it with the coffee. i don't put sugar in my coffee, just good old half and half. so hopefully this is a sign that the future smokes will be great! i might jus thave to make a pipe for this princess...