Half and Half

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Mar 18, 2012
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Good evening Brothers.

Tonight I decided to smoke my Dad's favorite tobacco, Half and Half. Dad smoked his pipe for over sixty years and I never saw him use any other blend than Half and Half. Being somewhat serious about his pipes and tobacco he often stated that anyone who smoked any tobacco other than Half and Half was devoid of fine character. common sense, and was probably a "little light in their shoes." Dad could be somewhat free with his opinions not caring if one agreed with him. Rest his soul he was an endless source of amusement. Enough of that. Back to my experience tonight.

I found the smoke enjoyable with a nice room note. It was mild and free of bite. It also went quite well with four highball glasses of 1792 Ridgemont Reserve. I noticed that as I got near the bottom of the bowl of the Design Berlin SB73 I started to get good buzz. Needless to say I found this to be a very pleasant and unexpected surprise. If this is a normal result of smoking Half and Half then I have a new understanding appreciation of my Dad's loyalty to the brand. Any of you gentlemen experienced this remarkable buzz from Half and Half? :drunken: :)