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Hamilton...streaming on Disney +

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Oct 23, 2010
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There’s a story that once upon a time Lin-Manuel Miranda (the author, playwrite and actor of “Hamilton”...oh, and he wrote the music too) was talking with Barack Obama about his intention to do the life of Hamilton in a Broadway rap musical.  The response he got was a tongue-in-cheek,”Good luck with that.”  

Cut to last night when my daughter was over and connected us to her Disney + account...and we all watched Hamilton.  In a word, WOW!  Yes, absolutely a stunning show. But even more amazing is that one man could have done all that.  The human potential really does appear to be almost without limits.

Note:  my wife and daughter went to NYC last year on a girl’s long weekend.  While there they went to a play, on Broadway.  During the show they let attendees sign up for a “drawing” for a ticket to see Hamilton, the following day.  My kid was one of a very few winners and got to see the show on Broadway.  She is almost literally a Broadway fanatic so that special thing was a once in a lifetime thrill for her.  How nice.  My wife was so happy for her, she cried.  :roll: Girls.