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Jul 10, 2022
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Nothing except Cigars International in Hamburg, and they only have a limited pipe selection. Wingenroth's in Lebanon closed years ago, but that place was amazing! The other places I know of are basically just cigarettes and "alternative" smoking substances, with possibly a dusty Dr. Grabow hanging on the wall for the past couple decades.


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Jul 12, 2022
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Good Evening my friends.
I'm well late on parade today, sorry about that. But I've had a very busy day today.
But anyway, today I'm plugging some Garwith coffee and caramel into this Parker Jockey cub Zulu.
Interesting thing about Parker pipes, that most of you will know I'm sure, however some of you may not.
So I've copied some txt, from my goto shops website, and will post it here.
I think your find it interesting reading.

Parker Pipes Dunhill seconds? Wrong! Think more Dunhill failings! Dunhill pipes are highly regarded as being the epitome of the pipe smoking world. There is no better pipe than a Dunhill. The Mediterranean's finest Briar is reserved for Dunhill and no expense is spared in scouring the markets to source the best briar. Briar is a natural product and it is only when the root is carved or finished after a long period of seasoning that the grain pattern is revealed. If the grain pattern doesn't live up to the very strict standards to warrant the Dunhill stamp it simply doesn't get stamped.
So what do they do with this very high quality briar that could make an exceptional pipe but doesn't quite warrant the Dunhill stamp? They sell it for very expensive kindling right? Erm no! In 1922 Dunhill opened a parent brand where Dunhills craftsmen finish the pipes to a near Dunhill standard and mark it as a Parker instead. So if you want an exceptional smoking pipe that is cosmetic perfection you buy a Dunhill. If you want an exceptional smoke and can live with near perfect aesthetics with a substantially reduced price tag you buy a Parker!
Thanks to Black Swan shoppe for the above
Have a great day my friends.


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