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Apr 21, 2008
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Thought I'd say hello. I got a link on another forum to some of the political discussions and so sort of dove right into that since it seems acceptable to do so in the Rubber Room.

I have a special place in my heart for well-crafted lower-end pipes, though find perfection more often than not in the Italian arena. The greater American artisans IMO seem to be doing their best to attain that standard, specifically, Tinsky, Davis, and Crosby come to mind.

I prefer VAs and VA/Pers though it struck me tonight that I have likely smoked more Prince Albert than any one other blend in my time as a pipe smoker. Think about it a minute - not what you like the most, but what you've smoked the most of. Then again I do find Prince Albert to be the best for breaking new pipes in, so this may have a thing or two to do with it. Not to mention very little can beat it when sitting in a room with the windows open while it rains.