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Jul 17, 2008
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Hullo, hullo, hullo. Whilst recently surfing the net for 'baccyflap', I stumbled across this Brothers of Briar discussion about baccyflaps. Seemed quite interesting to me, so I read on...and on, and it seems this little forum you have here is rather good... so I joined.
First I should say I come from Littleborough, Lancashire, England as my member name would suggest. Secondly, being a mere young man I am obviously a novice pipe smoker, and had my first pipe at age 16 (before the legal age for buying tobacco here was raised). It didn't really do anything for me. Now a few years later and at present I decided to fill my old pipe and have another go. Using Cut Plug probably wasn't the best decision for a beginner...it was revolting. :pale:

Well, after this bungled first attempt (and now aged 18) I again went off pipes for a few weeks, smoking either the occasional cigar, cigarette and taking snuff. But, during a visit to the local market I popped round to the tobacconist and purchased a pouch of Clan (Orlik's) and a St. Bruno. That night I filled the pipe with Ogden's St. Bruno flake and off I went... until I got tongue bite and was affected by the strength. It seems that St. Bruno is also not the best for beginners. Anyway I perservered and gradually got used to it, but I am still finding it a bit strong. As for the Clan, I don't really care much for that either.

Now, though, having just acquired a pouch of Ogden's Gold Block ('the aristocrat of pipe tobaccos'), which I believe is a mild tobacco, I will in due course try this.

So much for my experiences of pipe smoking. Now, returning to the subject of the baccyflap, as I'm sure you all know they were made by Parker/Dunhill/Wunup in Britain (possibly over in the US aswell?) and were, I belive, very popular here in the 1930s. I don't actually own one, and must confess I have never seen one in the flesh, but it is near the top of my wants list.

The other thing which I couldn't help noticing on the baccyflap topic was the chap who was wondering when Britain would eventually repay the War Debt. Well I can tell you we did actually repay it a few years ago, and it made national news.

That's all I can be bothered typing at the moment, in future posts I promise not to write such an essay, if you haven't fallen asleep by now I would be interested to hear any comments, particulary as this is a US website. Cheerio for now.

PS I should say although I have half a dozen briar pipes (all secondhand) I'm much more of a lad for clay pipes, having been intrigued since an early age when they turn up practically anywhere you dig.


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Apr 30, 2008
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Hello English_lad,

Your intro was a fun read. Sounds like the Canterbury tales revisited. Welcome to the forum!