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Nov 10, 2008
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Hello gents!

I have not posted in a while. Previously I had asked a few questions about English blends.

Well, I made a trip to Chicago (I am currently living in Tokyo right now) and visited Iwan Ries Co.

It was heaven!!! I was able to purchase many of the English and other blends that a few of you have suggested. I bought a couple of Petersons too. (They were half price.)

Here are the tabaccos I bought:
Frog Morton
Frog Morton On the Town
Maltese Falcon (GL Pease)
Barbary Coast (GL Pease)
Plum Cake (Mac Barren)
London Mixture (Dunhill)

So far I have tried:
Frog Morton - very strait forward, not too complex...good baccy, but it can get boring.
Frog Morton On the Town - I like it better than FM... a little more complex. I have too smoke it a bit more.
Plum Cake - nice blend...I have too smoke it a bit more to give an honest oppinion. (I only have tried 3 or 4 bowls)
London Mixture - it is OK. I think Dunhill is a bit over rated in my book. I like FMOTT better.

I really wanted to get Westminster by GL Pease, but they were sold out. I was lucky and did not have to pay any crazy tax when I brought everything back to Japan!!!

Thank you guys for all of the suggestions. I look forward to opening a few more tins.



Looks like you got some winners there.

Frog Morton can get boring, but that's what I like about it: it's simplicity.
If I recall (haven't opened a tin of MFOT in a while), this is similar but with perique. It is also very good.

Maltese Falcon is just heavenly when you are craving it; I need to order some more tins really, so that I can open up the ones I have cellared.

I didn't like plumcake, but I know it's very popular, and I'm glad you like it.

Barbary Coast, I still am unfamiliar with.

BTW, I'm expecting a parcel of tobacco myself today with many blends that are new to me (that I see people smoking from here).

Gentlemen, it's gonna be a great day!


Nov 10, 2008
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beaupipe":isvgaeh0 said:
Iwan Ries still has Dunhill tobacco on the shelves? Amazing.
Actually, I think I got the Dunhill London Mixture somewhere else...it was a busy week.