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Late in life changes

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Feb 18, 2019
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Wife and I are considering a significant change to our current living situation and I would appreciate input or insight from fellow BoBs who may have done the same. I just turned 75 and the wife is 72. I know a lot of you are around the same age or close. We have a nice house in Prescott and board our horses in Chino Valley about 12 miles away. We are close to town and all amenities, doctors, shopping, etc. We love our house and the location. Had planned to stay here permanently. The folks where we board are trying to sell the ranch. Wife has been looking at a house in Prescott Valley. On 2 acres, nice house, same age as ours, really nice barn and stables. Priced very reasonable, a bit less than what we could sell ours for. We pay $850 a month for board for 2 horses, or 10K a year. If we bought the place we could keep our horses for maybe 3K per year or less. The difference would help pay moving expenses, etc. While we like the idea of having our boys close to us, it would be a significant undertaking with the move, having to feed and water ourselves, and maintaining the property. The place is about 30 minutes from our current location out in the country, which isn't bad but means more driving to get to our current amenities like the Legion, VA, HwH, etc. We are going to check out the place later but just wondered if any of you have made a similar move at our advanced age, lol. Would appreciate any thoughts on the matter. Thanks.